Please Note: If you supply goods that belong to your dog/s please can we ask all owners to check their belongings before they leave. We are not responsible for lost or damaged goods. We supply all bedding and food included in the price.

What We Provide

Here are just a few benefits that we can provide when you choose to let your doggy stay with us.

Quality Food

We supply the quality food for your dog during their stay with us, if they are on a special diet you can supply the food.

Heated Kennels

All our kennels are heated during the colder months to keep your dogs warm and cosy, to make them feel at home.

Play Time

We take your dogs out to play at least twice a day for an hour at a time to make sure they get lots of exercise.

Our Prices

Our pricing are based on one dog a night, and covers all their bedding, food, heated kennels and their play sessions each day.

Please Note: It is not compulsory for dogs to have Kennel Cough vaccine before they visit us. However, if you choose to give your dog the vaccine, they will not be able to stay until three weeks after. Please be aware that the vaccine is live and can give your dog Kennel Cough and spread meaning other dog/s can still catch it if a dog comes in the kennels with Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough it’s self is a dog's version of the human cold. The reason we say three weeks is to be certain that your dog is ridden of the cough, we try our hardest to make sure that all the fur babies left with us are as safe as possible.

1 Dog


2 Dogs Sharing (Price per dog)


3 Dogs Sharing (Price per dog)


4 Dogs Sharing (Price per dog)


Day Care

One Dog


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Two Dogs (Price per dog)


Get In Touch

Changes to the kennels

Upon arrival to the Kennels, please call 07581 164170 and Kelly or Billy will come out to meet you and take your dog/s. Please the use the Hand sanitizer provided upon arrival and on collection.

Please take a slip lead (hanging by entrance thegate) and swap it for your own lead, this will stay with your dog/s throughout the day and will be washed at the end of day. So please don’t forget to bring your own lead when you come to collect.

All dogs will be antibacterial wiped upon arrival, if your dog has any allergies or you have any concerns please speak to us. Make sure to take all your dog’s belongings home at end of each day

Again, on collection, please call the same number again and Kelly or Billy will bring your Dog/s to you.

If you have been travelling abroad and we have had your dog/s stay with us, we are currently awaiting guidance from the Council as to whether you can collect your dog/s immediately or we have to keep them whilst you self-isolate, please bear with us on this and will keep you updated.

We are currently operating as normal and following government guidelines. We ask if you or anyone in your household is displaying Covid-19 Symptoms to please not attend the Kennels. The only staff we have on site is Kelly, Billy and Jess - our volunteer helper. In the event of having to close the Kennel then we will contact all of our clients via a phone call, and keep you updated on our website and our Facebook page. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and understanding at this time.

The kennels are currently not open for show rounds or visits but we welcome any new enquiries by phone call.