Screenshot of our new website after the redesign
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New Website Launched

Recently we have decided to update our brand new website. This is so that we can keep up to date on Google and keep our clientele base forever growing. The new website design is fresh and up-to-date, if you would like to see the difference between our new website and our old one, take a look at the screen shots below. You can find our new website at

Our Website Before:

Screenshot of our new website before the redesign


Screenshot of our new website after the redesign

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Marion Taylor
9th August 2019 at 7:53 pm

Hello there!
First. huge congrats on your wedding 🙂
Now, to business. Our friends rehomed a stray from yourselves about 18 months ago and we are wondering if you still offer this service – we are looking for a new furry friend for our pack (only two now). We can supply you with any details you need and welcome a Home Visit if you wish but essentially are seeking a small size crossbreed of 5 years plus. Prefer no flatfaced or very tiny breeds.
We are experienced dog owners of 30+ years, someone at home always (retired), secure garden, physically active. Have had GSD and crosses, Lurchers, mix-breeds of goodness only knows what mix and sizes, currently JRT and terrier cross (both middle aged). There are no children in the home, or visiting. All our dogs have departed to old age or … cancer. We are committed dog owners who can offer a secure, long term loving home to a sociable dog who can live with others. If you don’t do rehoming any more maybe you could point us to somewhere that does not want a millionaire with a mansion with bells on and a cherry on the top.
Thank you !

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