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New Raw Dog Food

Good news after so many of u wanting to switch to raw 💕 we are now selling good quality and affordable raw food.

We have a burger pack so easy just take one out and defrost over night, my spaniels love it. For the larger dogs we have a raw stick. We also have chicken wings, turkey necks, duck necks, lamb bones, pork rib bone, chicken feet and tips, tripe and mince mix.

With plenty more to come!

See our full price list here:

Burger packs – £3.95 
Sticks, 1kg – £2.90
Lamb bones – £1 for 3
Pork bones – £1 for 3
Chicken feet – £1 for 5 
Duck necks – £1 for 2 
Turkey neck – £1.20 each 
Chicken wings – £1 for 4

Natures menu:

Tripe chunks bag – £3.50
Chicken 2kg mince – £4.50
Beef 2kg mince – £5.50
Lamb 2kg mince – £5.40


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