Christmas Raffle

As many of u know we have been here 3 years in December and have improved the boarding side and we will continue to do this. But for next year we are starting to raise money for all our stray dogs to make the kennels they use much nicer.

As we are receiving a high number of really bad cases we want to make sure they are warm and comfortable until they are rehomed. So all the money made or donated will be going into this project for next year. We are going to start posting a lot more on the page so you can all follow their journeys to rehome.

If you would like to enter our Christmas raffle either pop in and buy a ticket or bank transfer and I will send you a picture of your number. We will be drawing the tickets on Christmas Eve hopefully live if I can work it or video and posted on the page.

Ticket Prices:
£1 a ticket
£5 a strip

Bank details:
20-54-25 sort code
33246523 account number
Karebear rescue

Please reference your own name and your dogs name and message me to let me know when you have done so.

Good luck everyone and have a great Christmas



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