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Day Care with KareBear Kennels

At KareBear kennels we will look after your dog as if they were one of our own.

Work full time, part time or even just going out for a day trip and don't want to leave your dog on their own? Leave them with us for the day and we will take care of them. 

Quality Food

We supply the quality food for your dog during their stay with us, if they are on a special diet you can supply the food.

Heated Kennels

All our kennels are heated during the colder months to keep your dogs warm and cosy, to make them feel at home.

Play Time

We take your dogs out to play regularly to make sure they get lots of exercise during their stay at KareBear Kennels.

Our Day Care Prices

Our day care pricing is based on one dog a day,
for dogs or more days please contact KareBear Kennels.

Daily rate for all dogs



All dogs must have up to date vaccinations before staying with us and we highly recommend kennel cough vaccinations before your dogs come.